Q: How do you create matches?

A. We match families with helpers based on the type of help homes request and each helper’s interests, abilities and any limitations they express. Help may take the form of a one-time exchange, or an ongoing relationship.

Q; Is this effort limited to the SF Bay Area?

A: Not at all. The internet allows us to connect people up, no matter where they live. A SF area helper could end up being matched to a family in NYC, for example. One of our first matches was a helper in Virginia who is now assisting an out of work dog owner in a nearby Virginia town with dog food. 

Q: I don’t have extra money to help people buy food or supplies. Can I still help?  A. Absolutely. Some examples:

– If you’re good at finding things online, you can help families by locating free or low cost resources such as food banks or low cost vet services. (Note: Many food banks are running out of food, so your detective work can be invaluable)
– If you’re matched to someone in your city, depending on the need, you may consider arranging to pick food up from a food bank, etc, and delivering it to your Match’s doorstep – a huge help to someone who’s elderly and/or medically vulnerable.
– You can ask friends or family to join you in ‘adopting’ your Match together so you can pool resources.
– Emotional support is a big help right now. By checking in regularly over  upcoming weeks or months, you can ensure a family isn’t slipping through the cracks.

Q: What are some examples of matches that have been made so far?

– A group of helpers pooled info and located a safe place for a homeless man and his dog to park his van where they could access running water, a bathroom and showers. BADRAP supplemented this help by buying groceries.
– Another group of helpers gathered supplies and groceries for a dog owner who has no paycheck right now. They even created a GoFundMe site to help her pay for rent.
– Another helper did a one-time favor and bought a bag of groceries and delivered them to a senior citizen with a lung condition so she could safe stay at home with her dogs.

Q: I want to help but I’m afraid of overcommitting or not knowing what to do.
A. Having good boundaries is healthy, so helpers can join our private Facebook driven discussion list for mutual support and to discuss ways to maintain balance while being effective. If you don’t want to be on the discussion list, we’ll do our best to stay in touch to learn if you need ideas and guidance.

Q: If I ask for help and someone is matched to me, how often should I expect to hear from my helper?

A. We recommend that you establish expectations in the first couple of days of contact. Some helpers will only be able to help once (a bag of pet food, for example) and others may want to assist you with ongoing needs. We invite you to check in with us to let us know how things are going with your helper so we can make sure everything is going well.

Q: Who and what is BADRAP?
A. Thanks for asking. We’re a small but mighty group of dog lovers in the SF East Bay. We focus on helping Pit Bull type dogs (Blocky dogs, we call’em) and their owners during times of crisis, but we don’t discriminate by breed. Check us out: LINK

Q: Can I phone you?
We prefer email or text to start: 510-414-6461 Thank you.

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