May 19, 2017

From Visio to Gliffy: a Case Study in Keeping it Simple

Diagrams for Businesses
Sanford Health

Hospital & Healthcare | 25000+ Employees | Non Profit


“I find Gliffy to be a worthwhile and feature-packed alternative to Visio, especially for those on the go. The price point is stepped appropriately for different needs and results are impressive.”

— Dana Mikkelsen, Lead IT Analyst

About the company

Sanford Health is a not-for-profit health care company committed to improving the human condition through exceptional care, innovation and discovery. With an active IT team that supports over 360 applications, Sanford Health found that their original diagramming software was no longer working for them. This meant finding a diagram platform that was easy-to-use and more accessible on the go.


Find an easy-to-use diagram platform that helped streamline internal communication from the IT team to leadership.

For years Sanford Health used Visio to illustrate their network connections. While this platform helped in some ways, it fell flat when it came to usability. As a result, leadership was less aware of high-level system connections. After trying Visio and finding it to be overly complicated they found the answer to their problems: Gliffy.


Today, Sanford Health’s IT team consistently uses Gliffy to map out and communicate all networking activities in the form of network diagrams, data structure diagrams and system maps.

With professional templates specific to their team’s needs, and convenient access to all their diagrams, Sanford Health has set a standard that makes it both easy and effective to get everyone on the same page.


Gliffy helps Sanford Health’s IT team communicate high-level information quickly and effectively. With Gliffy, Sanford Health was able to improve support and easily share potential points of failure with leadership.

“I do not believe there was a standard process [before Gliffy]”, says team lead, Dana Mikkelsen. “Because we now have standardization on our team, support has improved.”

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