February 13, 2023

1 Year Out From Confluence Server EOL, Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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The journey to the end of Atlassian’s Server products began in 2020, but now it’s just around the corner. Although a year may feel like a long time, it’s important to begin planning for what’s next if you haven’t already.

On February 15, 2024, Server will officially be unsupported by Atlassian. This means that there will be no further upgrades or security patches available from Atlassian, and any instances remaining on Server run the risk of encountering critical security issues that can't be fixed.

The same is true for all Marketplace apps you have added to your instance, as Partners will not be able to provide bug fixes or updates to their Server apps.

Since this is a huge liability that could have a serious effect on any organization, making a plan to move off Server is crucial. What that plan includes will depend on your organization’s specific needs, but we’re here to help you find the resources you’ll need to make your decision.

Data Center vs. Cloud: Where Should I Move?

If you are going to remain with Atlassian, your two choices are to move to Confluence Server or Data Center. There are different aspects of each that might make it a better fit for your team. Atlassian has more detailed information on migration options, but here’s a quick summary that might help you identify your ideal solution.

Switching to Cloud

Between the two Confluence options, Cloud is the product that Atlassian is going to invest the most time and effort in moving forward. If you’re going to want the newest and most innovative features, this is where you’ll need to be. Cloud also eliminates the need for manual upgrades and maintenance, which can save some organizations time and money. 

Using Confluence with a small team? If you have only 1-10 users on your instance, switching to Cloud is free!

Gliffy for Confluence Cloud

If you’re migrating to Cloud, we can offer dual licensing to keep your diagrams intact as you make the switch. Our Cloud app has a few extra features you won’t find on Server, including interactive diagrams and real-time collaboration. With these, you’ll be able to use Confluence as a collaborative space even more efficiently and add a new layer of engagement to your Confluence pages. Gliffy, like Confluence Cloud itself, is free for teams of 1-10 users.

☁️ Moving to Cloud? Let us lead you through the process with our Cloud Migration Guide >> 

Switching to Data Center

Some organizations, especially those in industries with strict regulations on compliance and security, might not be the right fit for Cloud because they require the stronger authentication, audit, and logging capabilities that Data Center offers.

However, security isn’t the only reason teams might choose Data Center. Data Center might be a good fit for any organization that has a large team on Confluence, as its plans start at a minimum of 500 users. Atlassian also offers loyalty discounts and bundling of a few top add-ons for customers moving from Server to Data Center.

Note: Although Data Center is currently the only option for some teams with certain security and compliance requirements, Atlassian has stated that they will ensure Cloud also meets all customer needs before retiring Server, including features like HIPAA and FedRAMP compliance.

Gliffy for Confluence Data Center

If you’re migrating to Data Center, we can offer dual licensing to keep your diagrams intact as you make the switch. You’ll also gain the ability to create interactive layered diagrams that bring your Confluence pages to life and provide an extra element to keep readers engaged.

Gliffy scales just as well on the Data Center infrastructure as it does on Server or Cloud, and is capable of meeting the needs of Data Center’s enterprise audience. Performance is tested on millions of pages and hundreds of thousands of spaces to ensure there’s no performance degradation.

Assessing Your Confluence Apps

With Gliffy, all the features and functionality you have in the Server app are also available in the Cloud and Data Center apps — plus a few extras! Gliffy is also Cloud Fortified and has invested in migration paths to make your journey to Cloud or Data Center smooth. Regardless of where you move, Gliffy will be there with the same intuitive diagramming experience you rely on in Server.

However, before migrating to Cloud or Data Center, you’ll want to assess the rest of your Server apps to ensure they are (1) available on the version of Confluence you’re moving to, and (2) offer the same or similar functionality that meets your needs.

If an app isn’t available or doesn’t have the functionality you need on the version of Confluence you’re moving to, you will want to start considering alternatives before your migration. Atlassian has further information and resources on app assessment as part of their migration program.

Leaving Atlassian? You Can Keep Gliffy!

If your team or organization chooses to leave the Atlassian Ecosystem once Server becomes unsupported, that doesn’t mean you also need to leave Gliffy behind.

Our online diagramming tool, Gliffy Online, takes all we have learned from years of experience in the Atlassian space and puts it into one easy-to-use, web-based diagramming tool. It has all the functionality you know and love from Confluence Server and all the flexibility you need to diagram wherever you’re working next.

Gliffy Online’s interface will be very familiar to you if you’re coming from our Confluence apps, but if you want to try it out for yourself, you can start your free trial of Gliffy Online.

Wherever you’re going, we hope we can be there with you when you land!